Exaile 4.0.0-rc1 released!

This release addresses issues reported with the Windows installer.

  • Reduce size of Windows installer
  • Fix dependency issue on Windows

Additionally, there are a lot of new strings in Exaile 4.0, so translation contributions would be very welcome! To anyone interested in helping out, have a look at the translation guide in our documentation and feel free to ask if you have issues.


Exaile 4.0.0-rc0 released!

This release comes highly recommended with a slew of minor fixes including:

  • Add preference to tell Gtk to use dark theme
  • Drag and drop fixes
  • Use Gst.DeviceMonitor on Windows

We expect to do a final 4.0 release shortly!


Exaile 4.0.0-beta1 released!


Even though this is tagged a beta, it has a significant number of fixes, no longer requires GStreamer 0.10 or GTK2, and should be pretty stable. Try it out, let us know how it works. No OSX install for now, too many issues left to resolve.

Release notes at https://github.com/exaile/exaile/wiki/Exaile-4.0-release-notes, will continue to be updated until 4.0 final release.