Exaile 4.1.3 released!

Exaile 4.1.3 has been released.

This release fixes some issues and adds some new functionality.

  • Adding support for tagging aac files with id3 tags
  • Change flac/ogg metadata handling for bpm and comment
  • Experimental: Save star ratings to media files
  • Track start and end is now triggered also for streams
  • AppData files now uses more translations
  • Added preference to remove a track from queue after playing
  • Plugin handling
    • Users can override built-in plugins with newer versions and remove the overrides as well
    • Users can remove custom installed plugins via plugin manager
  • BerkeleyDB is used instead of bsddb, if available
  • Plugins:
    • cd: Back again
    • icecast: Back again
    • bpm: Confirmation on manually setting the bpm can be disabled
    • winmmkeys: Now using pynput
    • lyricsmania: First line of lyrics is shown
    • streamripper: custom user agent and event handling
    • lyricwiki: Removed
    • jamendo: removed

Release notes with more details.

Downloads (source code and Windows installer).